Three Ways to be More Feminine

1) Dress up!

Putting on a dress is a sure way to make yourself feel more feminine, and the more feminine you feel, the more feminine you’ll act! The beauty of being more feminine is that masculine men are attracted to feminine women! Put that dress on, feel pretty, and look pretty! It doesn’t matter if you’re just running to the grocery store, you can make mundane events feel like a grand escapade by dressing the part.


2) Give Away Compliments!

Giving compliments is pretty natural to feminine ladies. Complimenting others even helps you to feel better! You love her bag, tell her! You think he is dressed well today, tell him! Genuine compliments are a win for you and the person you’re complimenting. Give out all the compliments today, they’re free!


3) Be Happy!

Happy people tend to be beautiful people. Do something today that will help to make you feel happy. Maybe you can paint your nails, read a book, take a walk outside. Feminine ladies radiate happiness. You can to!


Let us know what you did today to help you feel and act more feminine.



Ally Lou

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Stay encouraged!