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Ally Johnson


It’s Ally here!  I’m passionate about a lot of things, one of them is teaching women how to embrace their femininity.  I believe that the Word of God empowers us to live bold, radical lives.  We’re called to change the world, all while embracing our feminine super powers! 

Through the years I’ve been able to become a certified trainer, licensed minister, author and speaker, but my main and most important identity comes from being rooted in Christ.  The pretty boss is here to teach you how to be a feminine boss. 👊🏻✨

We believe in making women whole: spirit, soul, and body. 

You’re in the right place, at the right time, with the right people! Let’s do this ladies!

xo. - the pretty boss

Momma bear

Lori Rola

hey everyone!

My Name is Lori Rola, along with my daughter, I am passionate about teaching women their identity in Christ. For over 20 years I worked in education, but have transitioned to women’s pastor at New Life Church in Beacon, NY where I am able to teach femininity and see women’s lives transform.

You are worth loving and worth pursuing.

I have been married for nearly 40 years and have learned a great deal about men and how to have a blissful marriage. I am excited to teach you all I know so that you, too, can experience bliss in your relationships.

Lori Rola