5 Tips to Attract a Good Man

I am so thankful to be married to such an incredible man! After dating for what seemed like forever, it’s so sweet to know that I ended up with the man God created for me.


For a long time I was attracting the wrong men…and was attracted to the wrong men… What changed? ME.


Here are five tips I’ve gathered along the way.


1) Give the good guy a chance.

My husband is incredible, from the start it was clear to me that he was a good man. I wasn’t used to it, though, and almost lost my opportunity to be with him! Don’t be like me! Give the good guy a chance. Maybe he doesn’t look like what you’re used to (Physically or in the way he acts), but that’s okay, keep dating him!

Personally, I followed the peace of God, not necessarily my ‘senses’. He is the best thing that’s ever happened to me, so keep going with the good guy, ladies!


2) Show him respect.

No matter who you’re currently dating or talking to, it is important to show respect. Men crave it, it’s how they were created! Women need love, men need respect. What an easy thing for us to do! You can show respect several different ways. One is by verbally saying it, “Wow, I really respect how hard you work at your job!”. You can show respect by looking him in the eyes and giving him your attention when he’s speaking to you. You can also show respect by being honest with him. You are a woman of great value, as that woman, it will eventually become more and more natural for you to respect men (They are children of God and deserve it).


3) Look feminine.

Masculine men are attracted to feminine women! It is as easy as that! My husband is so masculine and I love it. He is a protector, provider, and my defender. For a long time I would try to out shine the men in my life. I would try to out work them, out play them, and out smart them. Bring out your feminine side by allowing him to open the door for you, allowing him to pay for your meal, pick you up, and plan your date. Put a pretty dress on and really embrace your femininity! Feminine women are receptive and kind, they show respect and appreciation. When he does kind things for you, you don’t owe him, simply say thank you and show your appreciation! You are a great treasure and a masculine man will recognize that and want to pursue you!


4) Know your worth.

I struggled with this one for a while, thankfully my husband has helped to teach me this. I used to date men who didn’t value me, but ladies, you are of GREAT value. If you are not being valued, then he is not the right man, move forward with grace knowing Jesus has someone better in-store for you! You are created in the image of God, made with purpose and loved so deeply. You are worth loving and worth pursuing. The right man will see and know that!


5) Don’t chase him.

You won’t have to chase the right man, he will be attracted to you! He will see your value and worth and want to be with you! He will know that you’re the prize. Instead of chasing him, realize that you are worth pursuing and go do something you enjoy! Paint your nails, go to a movie, listen to some live music! You never know who you’ll meet : )


6) Bonus: Don’t play games.

I was a pro at all of the games and I hated it. “Wait at least a day to text him back”, “Look busy”, “Don’t act interested”, “Play the field”. You’re not looking for a man who plays games, so don’t play them. It’s not fair to you or him…and if you have to play games to get his attention, chances are you won’t be able to keep him around. Dating my husband was easy and effortless (Much like knowing Jesus). I believe that’s the way it should be. Jesus said, “My yoke is easy and my burden light”, I believe that’s the way it will be with your husband, too.


My husband is everything I’ve ever desired plus way more. I am believing the Lord has that for YOU, too!


Have questions? Want more tips?

Let me know!



Ally Lou

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