How To Be More Feminine

Hey Pretty Ladies!

We’ve come up with 7 feminine superpowers to help you embrace your femininity and thrive in life! These superpowers will help you thrive in your relationships, in your work place, as a mom, wife, friend, coworker, or whatever other title you hold! You were created with purpose and have an exciting journey ahead of you! We want to help you along the way!

Here are our 7 pretty boss superpowers:

  1. She respects her husband and the men in her life– men crave respect the same way women crave love. The more respect you give to the men in your life, the more love you will receive in return! So many times women demand unconditional love, but will not give unconditional respect. How can you show them more respect? Here are some easy, practical ways- if he asks you to do something (within reason), do it with a smile. If he tells you something, believe him. If he offers you something, receive it graciously.  Obviously this is all within reason, assuming that the men in your life are genuinely well meaning men. Believe him, trust him,  and receive from him…Don’t try to teach him or correct him. Allow him to pursue you (in regards to your spouse). These are all ways to show him respect. Verbalize all the ways you respect him. Be vulnerable! You can do it, ladies!
  2. She dresses the part– we live in a culture that makes it so easy to throw on yoga pants and running shoes. Maybe you feel confident that way, and sometimes it’s okay! But lets make an effort to look our best for the men in our lives. Men are visual and respond well to the feminine gentleness we hold. When you put a dress on, or something more feminine, you are more approachable. Try it! You’ll feel more confident! Take some extra time to do your hair, your nails, your makeup, get dressed up! I’ve found that I am much more productive when I put a little effort into the way I look!
  3. She is confident– I always say, “Confidence is key!”. Put your shoulders back, stand up straight, and know that you are worth loving, and worth pursuing! You are a child of God! You have so many reasons to be confident! Men are attracted to that!
  4. She takes care of her home (or her space)– have you ever heard the saying, “She makes a house a home”. It’s true, a house is different from a home. Home’s are lovely, often they smell like fresh cookies or a good home-cooked meal. They are tidy but comfy. When you walk into a home you feel like you can curl up on the couch or sit on the floor and play with the kids. They are clean but not “too clean”. Feminine women make a house into a home, they add the pretty touches like flowers in a mason jar, throw blankets on the couch, a clean kitchen that’s ready for people to gather.  You can do this in any space; if you just have a bedroom, do it there! My college roommate used to always say, “A clean room is a clean mind”.  You can take any space and make it special.
  5. She volunteers and is involved in the community– I’ll admit, this is a harder one for me at the stage of life I’m in, but I always feel better when I get out there and help others! You can get involved in church or volunteer at an animal shelter, maybe you can even bring your kids! Feminine women naturally want to nurture and help, so this is a great way to embrace that!
  6. She cultivates friendships– feminine women cheer on other women. They embrace friendships and make an effort to make time for them. Women need other women. You won’t regret taking the time to cultivate relationships with other females!
  7. She’s kind, lovely, and a joy to be around– feminine women radiate the love of Jesus, it’s an internal joy that shows forth on the outside. She is all the things we mentioned above, she trusts Jesus and the man the Lord placed in her life to lead her. She is fearless because she knows how deeply loved she is! You have so many reasons to be happy! Let that happiness radiate from within! Know that you are a victor, not a victim.


We know there is so much more to being feminine! It is a true blessing to be created female! What else would you add to this list?

We love you!

-The Pretty Boss

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